February 1, 2018


Kylie Minogue Perfectly Blends Country and Electro-Pop on 'Dancing': Listen

Update (2/1): Kylie Minogue has unveiled her official music video for new single "Dancing," which premiered just a few days ago. The clip sees her fully embracing this new country sound, but thankfully, she doesn't lose one bit of the glitz and glamour that made her so beloved in the first place. Everything shimmers and shines, from the dresses to the guitar she "plays," and a healthy mix of two-stepping and typical pop choreography highlights that this new tune blends the styles so well.

Original Story (1/19): 2018 has been crying out for a proper pop tune that belongs in clubs immediately after it’s released, and today, one of the best in the business has delivered.

Australian icon Kylie Minogue dropped her new single “Dancing” in the early hours of the morning, and by the time you leave work on Friday evening, you’re sure to want to hear this one all night long. The pop tune opens with jaunty guitar chord and Kylie’s immediately recognizable vocals, and for a little while, it sounds like she may have moved on from synths and computer-produced pop...but thankfully, that all changes when the chorus hits. This is certainly a pop song, and it even dips its toes into electro waters with a glitchy breakdown towards the end of the chorus, which feels like it was heavily inspired by Rita Ora’s “Anywhere."

Even at its biggest moment, “Dancing” is still a relaxed bop, and it never grows to the heights Kylie has hit before, but that’s just fine. The singer's latest delivers the kind of pop song the masses rightfully expected from Lady Gaga and Kesha’s recent country outings, but which never arrived. “Dancing” also dispels any stupid myths that women should quit electronic pop after a certain age, and she shows that a piece of music made to fill a dance floor can fit who she is and where she is in life right now, and still be what the Top 40 crowd loves.

There’s a pretty good chance that “Dancing” is just the appetizer, and that the next single Kylie shares will be even bigger. This new track is, after all, just the first taste of Kylie’s upcoming album Golden, which is expected in April. A quick look at the songwriters that have signed on to help out on Minogue’s new endeavor show that the twang heard in “Dancing” probably isn’t the only taste of country the album will bring, but thankfully she's not done with pop just yet.

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