January 8, 2018


9 Guests Justin Timberlake Could Feature in His Super Bowl Performance

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In just under one month, Justin Timberlake is set to take the stage during the Super Bowl halftime show, which is widely known to be the largest show any musician can star in. With an audience of well over 100 million people, it is many an artist's dream to headline, and the few who are given the opportunity don't take treat responsibility lightly. 

While there is almost always one name that gets top billing, it has become customary for even the biggest stars to bring special guests into the spotlight to showcase new songs, old hits, and even for one-off collaborations that delight the millions tuning in. 

Timberlake has a storied history of working with some of the most creative and successful artists in the world, and if he wanted, he could look at his past hits and pull a few friends to join him. So far, he's remained mum about any possible joint showings, but if he was going to select a few people that he's stepped into the studio with, who might they be?


The first and one of the most obvious options for an on-field collaboration is Jay-Z, who has long been a friend and collaborator of Timberlake’s. The two scored a serious hit and won a GRAMMY together for “Suit & Tie,” the song that introduced The 20/20 Experience to the world. Once that song is done, they could also do a bit of Jay’s “Holy Grail,” which features JT on the chorus and the hook. Jay has been long overdue for a cameo during the Super Bowl, though at least one report claims he turned down an offer to headline this year.

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