January 29, 2018


Drake's New Single 'God's Plan' Has Debuted At No. 1—Now What?

Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images
Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Drake’s new single “God’s Plan” has wasted no time in declaring itself as a serious smash, as it has debuted at No. 1 on the Hot 100. In doing so, it has become one of fewer than 30 tracks in American history to starts off at the top, which is a tiny fraction of the over 1,000 songs that have made it to the peak. A quick entrance at the top highlights both Drake's incredible popularity and the instant likability of the song itself, which are qualities most artists can only dream about.

Now that “God’s Plan” has proven to be even more successful than many would have initially anticipated, what does that mean when it comes to the hip-hop superstar's 2018?

Drake surprised his massive fan base with an announcement in mid-January that two new songs were coming in just a few hours, which is typically how the musician likes to operate. The days of long promotional campaigns and pre-set release dates months in advance are gone for most musicians, but Drake has perfected the art of seemingly sharing new art whenever he feels like it, and succeeding in doing so.

Not only has “God’s Plan” become his fourth No. 1 single in the U.S., but it was accompanied by another track entitled “Diplomatic Immunity,” has also kicked off inside the top 10, giving him yet another big hit to his credit. The pair of tunes were lumped together into a short EP called Scary Hours, which needed one week to send both featured cuts to the top of the chart. Despite some claims about the art being stolen from another musician (which seem pretty damning), the public clearly loves Drake's latest.

It’s impossible to predict what Drake will do with these two songs, because at this point in his career, he doesn’t need to adhere to the common sense or tried-and-true marketing ploys most acts still do. The two songs could end up living on their own as an especially short EP, or they could be just the first taste of a new full-length project...though of course, there are plenty of questions about that as well.

One thing does seem clear: 2018 already seems like it’s going to be very, very big for Drake. While he did score another No. 1 album (or playlist project, as he took to calling it) in 2017, More Life didn’t produce any chart-topping smashes, and the songs that did perform well mostly didn’t stick around for too long. Drake is surely looking to change that this time around with some more blockbusters, and now that he’s gotten an early, incredibly lucky start to 2018, there is no reason to believe he won’t make noise for the rest of the year.

Drake is spontaneous in nature (or at least his actions make it seem that way), but he knows how to capitalize on a moment, and he won't let this newfound momentum dwindle without rightfully taking advantage of it.

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