January 4, 2018


Bruno Mars and Cardi B Give 'Finesse' a '90s Refresh in New Video: Watch

Bruno Mars has a talent for taking direct inspiration from decades past and essentially replicating the sounds and themes that were once popular, but somehow making it still feel current and appropriate for today’s musical climate. He’s now done it once again on his just-released tune “Finesse,” which has arrived in time to become one of the first big hits of 2018.

Mars teamed up with rapper Cardi B to remix and finally drop the new single “Finesse,” which arrives after weeks of rumors that the two had something special coming. The updated take kicks off with Cardi spitting near-perfect lines that fit her signature style and personality, but which also could have fit perfectly on any track released 20-something years ago.

Between the song’s production, the costumes in the video, and the overall aesthetic the two artists stick to, 90’s babies must be having flashbacks while watching. Those who grew up watching shows like In Living Color will be able to remember when these clothes and this kind of camerawork was actually new, but younger fans might be experiencing this style for the first time, and the throwback nature of it is surely exciting to them.

“Finesse” is the fourth official single off of the pop singer’s third album 24k Magic, following No. 1 smash “That’s What I Like,” the title track, and the less-successful “Versace on the Floor.” Adding Cardi B was a great move on Mars’ part, and her inclusion gives the catchy tune a real chance at becoming another hit for the  GRAMMY winner (and current nominee). She is one of the hottest names in music right now, and everything she releases grabs the attention of millions, so simply by attaching her to the tune, the audience likely grows sizably, and radio programmers around the country will be more willing to take a risk on the song thanks to the proven track record of both artists.

It’s also worth mentioning that while it has just been announced as a single, “Finesse” has already been available for well over a year now. 24k Magic arrived in November 2016, so those who have already purchased the title or streamed it are familiar with the cut. Releasing the album version as a single wouldn’t have been very inspiring to the millions who have already played the track to death, but now that he’s added something new, it’s a different story.

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