January 22, 2018


Who Should Win the Album of the Year GRAMMY: An Argument for All 5 Nominees

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With the GRAMMYs set to take place less than a week from today, the discussion about who will win and who deserves to win is intensifying, and everybody has a prediction about what names will be called when the time comes. Album of the Year, often considered the most sought-after trophy in the music industry, is sometimes easy to predict, but that is not the case in 2018, and any one of the five nominees could end up being the chosen one.

So, who should win the biggest award in music? Will it be a pop singer (Lorde or Bruno Mars)? How about a hip-hop mega-star (Kendrick Lamar or Jay-Z)? Or perhaps it will go to someone who doesn't quite fit under either of those labels...or any others (Childish Gambino)? There's an argument to be made for all five nominees, and this year, it's difficult to claim that one record deserves the honor over all the others.

#1Bruno Mars - '24K Magic'

Perhaps the best thing Bruno Mars has going for him at the moment is consistency. While his chart-topping contemporaries like Justin TimberlakeKeshaLady GagaKaty Perry and many others have found it difficult to maintain their hold on the charts and the pop culture conversation with recent singles and albums, Mars has never faltered, including with his latest record.

24K Magic sent three singles into the top five on the Hot 100, and while the GRAMMYs aren’t all about who has the biggest or the most hits, the attention and numbers backing him up certainly don’t hurt. “That’s What I Like,” the title track, and most recently, “Finesse,” have all made major impacts, and they’ve proven Mars as perhaps the most reliable hitmaker left in the music industry.

Mars’ third proper full-length is also his most cohesive yet, and while he may have borrowed a bit too heavily from the past, Album of the Year is supposed to be about the greatest complete package, and the pop singer did piece together something that GRAMMY voters both like hearing in today’s musical world and remember fondly.

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