December 22, 2017


Solange Directed SZA's Dull 'The Weekend' Video, Which Doesn't Portray the Thrilling Love Triangle We Wanted

When we heard that SZA would be connecting with Solange for her "The Weekend" video, the anticipation levels ran high for what we thought would be a spectacular storyline. But instead, the A Seat at the Table artist gave SZA a watered-down version of "Cranes in the Sky."

"The Weekend" is a huge fan favorite from SZA's CTRL, with both ladies and men belting out the song whenever it's played at concerts, parties and on the radio in their cars. So it's quite disappointing when the accompanying video doesn't share the same thrills as the tune, which is about women time-sharing the same man. Rather than laying out a storyline that could've been soap opera-worthy (in the most artful way possible), it plays more like a visual slow dance. SZA is the only person in the video, frolicking, musing and swaying among very drab backgrounds: a balcony, a parking lot, a loft, etc.

"One opted out," an onscreen message reads in the beginning and end of the video. "An imbalance of power, shifted the whole tide. It waved and waved." We are then left dissatisfied and hungry for more excitement. Along with "The Weekend," CTRL features songs like "Love Galore" with Travis Scott"Supermodel" and "Drew Barrymore." SZA's debut album, was released on June 9 and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. The singer wrapped up her stellar year by becoming the most-nominated female artist at the upcoming 2018 GRAMMYs with five nods for her acclaimed album. 

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