December 8, 2017


Migos Finally Share Futuristic 'MotorSport' Video With Nicki Minaj and Cardi B: Watch

When you have MigosCardi B, and Nicki Minaj all on one track, it’s sure to be epic, and a song with a lineup that massive deserves a video to match. The five rap stars delivered a worthy clip with “MotorSport,” which ends the year as one of the coolest videos from the genre.

The futuristic treatment sees the three members of Migos rapping in front of, and on top of, their collection of luxury cars in a scene that comes off as the coolest form of bragging one can manage. They may front the track, but it’s really the women who steal the show in the “MotorSport” video, and they seem more than happy to let Cardi B and Nicki show them how it’s done.

Newcomer Cardi B is up first for the ladies, and she truly gives it her all, just as she does in the song itself. With her gray-ish hair, sexy/sporty outfit and glasses the size of her face, she’s got a look that works perfectly with the automobiles just behind her. Her acting is clearly inspired by some of Nicki Minaj’s past performances, but she still manages to stand out on her own.

Nicki Minaj is the last of the group to appear, and she makes it worth the wait. Her floor-length bubblegum pink braids are one of the most dramatic hairstyles she’s ever rocked, and that’s really saying something when it comes to the most successful woman in hip-hop history. She’s decked out in shiny metal and clear plastic in a getup only she could pull off, and she looks like the sexiest robot rapper in the game.

“MotorSport” previews Migos’ upcoming new album Culture II, which could arrive as early as January, though the powerful trio is remaining mum on a release date, simply stating via an announcement that the full-length is coming “soon.”

Below, go back in time with this throwback Pink Friday-era Nicki Minaj interview: