December 22, 2017


Good Charlotte Pay Tribute to Lil Peep By Covering 'Awful Things': Listen

It has now been just over one month since hip-hop rising star Lil Peep passed away from a suspected drug overdose at the age of 21, and many of his fans are still reeling from the unfortunate news. Condolences and messages of heartbreak made their way online when he first died, and now one band has paid proper tribute to the musician by covering one of his last songs.

Pop-punk powerhouses Good Charlotte released their take on “Awful Things” today, which is something the rapper surely would have loved. Below the song on YouTube, the band posted a short message explaining their love of Lil Peep, his music, and that they were thinking of touring together, which sadly will now never happen.

Every now and then a new artist comes along, who you know is sure to change music.
Lil’ peep was one of those artists.
We were excited to find out that we shared a love of the same bands, and that he was a fan of GC. We looked forward to the possibility of touring together in the new year, and were excited to share our stories and maybe even make some music together.
there is a feeling of hope and rebellion in his music, for everyone who feels like they might not fit in, that we relate to and that shares a kinship to what gc has always been about. This rendition of ‘Awful Things’ was done with love, for Peep, his family, friends and fans, to celebrate his life, talent and career and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making it.
Thanks for all the love you shared, Peep.
You are missed, but through your art you will live forever.

While one might not expect a pop-punk band like Good Charlotte to take on one of the best-known songs from an up-and-coming hip-hop musician, the new version plays perfectly. Lil Peep’s original cut perfectly encapsulated how he blended hip-hop with rock styles and themes into what many called “emo-trap,” a genre he was pioneering before he died, so the inclusion of guitars instead of beats actually makes perfect sense.

Good Charlotte first performed the tune at a memorial service for the rapper-singer a few weeks back, though this studio version is next level.

The fact that a group like Good Charlotte was able to take “Awful Things” and make it fit their style without changing almost anything proves how versatile both the original track and Lil Peep’s songwriting truly are, and it is sad to think about what else he could have created if he only had more time.

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