December 15, 2017


Fall Out Boy and BTS' RM Team Up for 'Champion' Remix: Listen

Is there any artist in the world that doesn’t want to work with BTS?

As alternative rockers Fall Out Boy get ready to release their upcoming seventh full-length Mania, the group is doing everything they can to drum up excitement about their new music and potentially score a hit. Tomorrow, the band is teaming up with one of the most beloved musicians in the world to remix a recent tune in what is surely one of the most unexpected pairings of 2017.

BTS member RM (formerly known as Rap Monster) has put his spin on recent single “Champion,” which now sounds completely different. In addition to the K-pop star lending both his name and his talents to the track, the music has changed, and it’s gone from rocking anthem to something of an electronic-pop burner. The attention this new version will receive might be enough to make it the hit that’s been missing from this era of Fall Out Boy’s career, and it would be wonderful to see RM score another hit in the U.S. 

At the moment, only a snippet of the newly-remixed tune is available in America via Apple Music, but the full version is slated to drop at midnight. Fans of both Fall Out Boy and BTS in Korea have already been playing the collaboration since it’s past midnight over there, and people seem to be excited about the partnership.

Fall Out Boy is clearly a big fan of BTS, and so are these high-profile artists.

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