December 18, 2017


Is Diddy Buying an NFL Team?

J. Countess/Getty Images
J. Countess/Getty Images

He’s a rapper, an actor, a record label executive, a fashion designer, and if he plays his cards right, Diddy could soon be the new owner of an NFL franchise.

The musician took to Twitter to express his desire to purchase the Carolina Panthers, which should be up for sale sometime soon. Diddy kept his message simple, stating that he "would like to buy the @Panthers," and then asking his many millions of fans to "Spread the word" and "Retweet!," which of course they did by the tens of thousands.

The team’s current owner, Jerry Richardson, recently announced his intention to sell the franchise after a damning report was published by Sports Illustrated stating that he has not only been accused of sexually assaulting colleagues, but that he also used a racial slur in reference to somebody who works for the Panthers.

After announcing that he’d like to add to his already impressive resume, Diddy continued to tweet about the possibility of his owning an NFL team, talking about how there isn’t enough diversity in the league, at least not as far as top executives go.

A number of high-profile athletes responded saying that they wanted to join Diddy in his latest business endeavor, including Steph Curry. Diddy later revealed on Instagram that if he ran an NFL team, he’d sign Colin Kaepernick as a quarterback, and the football player and free agent quickly responded by saying he wants to be a co-owner.

The rapper also posted a throwback photo of him performing during the Super Bowl halftime show, claiming that “This is God’s work. It’s time!!,” and that “It’s time for diversity!! It’s time for Black ownership!! The time is now.”

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