December 27, 2017


Beyoncé's 10 No. 1 Singles, Ranked

Brooks Kraft/Getty Images
Brooks Kraft/Getty Images

As of this month,  Beyoncé is now one of just a handful of musicians who have scored double-digit No. 1 singles, and somehow it feels like that's a club she should have entered years ago. She has Ed Sheeran to thank for her tenth chart-topping single, and the two powerful singers are currently still on top with their  "Perfect" collaboration.

With so many No. 1s to her credit, now seems like the perfect time to look back at which ones hold as some of her best, and which ones lag behind.

#1"Perfect Duet" with Ed Sheeran

Beyoncé’s most recent No. 1, and her first in almost a decade, “Perfect,” or, “Perfect Duet,” as it’s known when she’s involved, returns the Queen to her throne. That is an accomplishment worth celebrating, even if the track she did so with isn’t her best. Sheeran has a knack for penning overly sappy love songs, and Bey hopped on this one with a new verse and some harmonies just as it looked like it was going to own the singles chart anyway. It’s her worst No. 1, but it’s still a No. 1, and those have been hard to come by for Beyoncé for a while now.

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