November 17, 2017


Green Day Takes on Zombie Trump in New 'Back in the USA' Video: Watch

You can always count on Green Day to give you two things: rock and roll, and political commentary, and their new song and video have both in spades.

The group released their new single “Back in the USA” this morning, proving that they can still craft a catchy rock tune with a point like nobody else in the business. The rollicking tune keeps to the pop-punk-rock style that has made Green Day international superstars over the years, and it comes with a politically-inspired video that isn’t afraid to show where the band’s allegiance lies.

Set in a Pleasantville-type town, the three musicians are living the American Dream...that is, until they put on their rockstar sunglasses and begin seeing things differently. All of a sudden, their lives are transformed, and they begin a mission to bring color to their world by exposing the truth, which in this instance is that the President of the United States (who looks suspiciously like Donald Trump in this treatment...) is a liar, and also apparently a zombie.

Green Day has never been afraid of politics or of alienating people based on who they voted for, and that holds true now more than ever. In fact, their entire American Idiot era was essentially a dig at then-current President George W. Bush, and their outspokenness won them acclaim and further solidified them one of the biggest bands on the planet.

“Back In The USA” is one of two new tracks featured on the trio’s new compilation Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band, which is also available today. The album, which features some of their most beloved songs, such as “Welcome To Paradise,” “Basket Case,” “21 Guns” and “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” also sees Billie , Mike, and Tre teaming up with country favorite Miranda Lambert for an unexpected new arrangement of their song “Ordinary World.”

Speaking of American Idiot, watch the trio chat about the album in a classic Fuse interview below.