November 29, 2017


Eminem's New 'Revival' Album: 6 Things We'd Love to Hear From the Rapper

Brazil Photo Press/LatinContent/Getty Images
Brazil Photo Press/LatinContent/Getty Images

After releasing his Beyoncé collaboration “Walk on Water,” people had an inkling Eminem had something big coming, and he just recently confirmed the news that a new album was finally coming...and sooner than most people realized. Revival, the GRAMMY and Oscar winner’s ninth album, is slated to drop in less than month, and there are a few things we’d love to hear on his first full-length in four years.

#1A Big Crossover Pop Hit

He’s definitely a serious rapper and a hip-hop icon at this point, but Eminem always manages to place at least one song on every album that becomes a hit with pop-loving crowds. From older tunes like “Without Me” and “Stan” to more recent Rihanna collaborations “Love The Way You Lie” and “The Monster,” he knows how to craft a hook for Top 40 radio, and it’s almost a sure thing there’s a banger coming soon.

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