October 24, 2017


Breathe Easy: Kid Rock Is Not Running for Senate

Scott Legato/Getty Images
Scott Legato/Getty Images

After a business mogul and reality TV star earned the high honor of President of the United States, many wondered if this would kickstart a trend of celebrities using their fame to run for office with Kid Rock seemingly teasing a bid to run for senate when he launched his KidRockForSenate.com website with official merchandise.

"Fuck no I'm not running for Senate," the singer told Howard Stern on his SiriusXM radio show saying the fake bid was a joke to drum up publicity for his new tour and upcoming 11th studio album Sweet Southern Sugar. "Who fucking couldn't figure that out?"

Rock said a fan suggestion earlier this year led to him thinking. He shared his thought process with: "We start going with it. Everyone gets their panties in a bunch. I have people who work for me, they're on the in, I'm like, 'Fuck no we're not doing it, but let's roll with it for a little while. This is awesome.'"

The 46-year-old also took a moment to flex how well he pulled off his joke, sharing he was proud to get endorsements from the White House, including former Trump whisperer Steve Bannon and former New York Gov. George Pataki.

Rock did get a little political during the appearance, taking shots at what he deemed the "left-wing media," referring to The New York Times as "a little bit gay," saying he just "doesn't get" Caitlin Jenner, while also talking about the responsibility he feels to pay back the country that gave him, as he claims, seven houses and a private jet. "I struggle with the fact that maybe I haven't served my country enough," he added. "Maybe it's time that I try to make a difference and make this country better for everybody."

Kid Rock, sir, I believe we speak for the whole country when we say you not running for office will make this country better for everybody. 

Kid Rock's Sweet Southern Sugar drops on Nov. 3 while his Greatest Show on Earth tour kicks off in late January 2018 in Nashville. Next, watch a pre-politics Kid Rock deem performing at the Republican National Convention as "not the coolest gig" in a classic interview below: