September 18, 2017


Zara Larsson Gets Sick Onstage at Music Midtown, Finishes Set Like a Queen

Michael Hickey/Getty Images
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

We all know Zara Larsson is a queen—she declared herself one on her song "Make That Money Girl"—but we've never seen her as more of a trooper than during her set at Day 2 of Music Midtown 2017.

Everything started extremely strong for the vocal prodigy as the 19-year-old opened her set looking happy and energetic, opening with vocally impressive renditions of "Lush Life," "What They Say" and "Sundown." Larsson showed a ton of love for Atlanta, saying how excited she was return to the city after playing it during her tour with Clean Bandit, and continued moving and grooving until her performance of single "Ain't My Fault." After walking backstage, the singer returned only to perform the song sitting down and looking visibly uncomfortable. Larsson did her best to sing before walking offstage with no explanation and letting her band and dancers close the song.

Luckily, it wasn't too long before Zara returned, smiling to audience, apologizing and explaining what was going on. 

"I absolutely to love to dance and didn't do much dancing today, and I'm sorry if I look like I didn't enjoy myself, I was, I've just been feeling sick," she told the huge crowd gathered for her at the Roxy stage. "I will finish the set for sure. I will just not dance. I just don't want to throw up on stage, I just threw up backstage—I'm feeling fine, thank you so much for still cheering."

Larrsson's continued to roar on through singles like "So Good," "Never Forget You" and her Clean Bandit collaboration "Symphony," with vocals just as strong as before and even whipped out quite a few moves despite telling the audience she wasn't going to dance.

All in all, the Music Midtown performance was a reminder to always take care of yourself, listen to your body and stay positive no matter what. We hope Ms. Zara is feeling better.

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