September 20, 2017


Lauren Jauregui On Being Bisexual: 'Why Does It Make You Feel Gross?'

Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Lauren Jauregui continues to share her honest experiences when it comes to her bisexuality. The Fifth Harmony member (who is also featured in our 19 Musicians You Need to Know list as part of Fuse's Future Hispanic History Month) spoke to Out magazine about not being too caught up with labels.

“Even the fact that I labeled myself makes me mad sometimes, because dude, I’m just a free spirit. I was in a Latin household and part of a Catholic community. What was I going to do?” Jauregui said as she recalled having crush on a girl in high school. She continued, “People still talk shit. But it’s like, why does it make you feel gross? You can watch a kid get bombed and not do anything about it, but you can’t watch me kiss my girlfriend? Go fuck yourself.”

Label execs have tried to combat her forwardness when it comes to her personal life, whether it's about a relationship or thoughts on the current state of politics. And as we've seen with her scathing message to Donald Trump regarding DACA, she doesn't want to keep silent on these issues. Jauregui also reveals an interesting tidbit to Out, explaining that her "Strangers" collaboration with Halsey was originally about a heterosexual relationship. But the two singers, who are both bisexual, decided to change that. “Then I got a text from her: ‘Hey, babe, you can totally shut this down, but I was thinking we could switch the pronouns,’” Jauregui states. “I was like, ‘Bitch, I was thinking the same thing!’”

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