September 13, 2017


Watch Lana Del Rey's Somber 'White Mustang' Music Video End With Eerie Rocket Launch

While the majority of Lana Del Rey's dreary "White Mustang" video focuses on the impending downfall of Lana's relationship with a musician, a scene near the end at the 3:25 mark stands out the most. 

A rocket or missile shoots up in the sky behind Lana, transforming the video from an end-of-a-relationship scenario to more of an end-of-times vibe. It's a frightening moment heightened by the sounds of a Spanish trumpet playing the background during the bonus flamenco portion tacked onto the song. 

The missile launch could be symbolic of an explosive moment that will destroy their relationship, or maybe it represents Lana's continued love for spaceships (she once expressed interest in Elon Musk's SpaceX).

"White Mustang" is the third single from Lana's Lust for Life, following "Love" and its titular track.

For more Lana goodness, watch this Fuse interview in which she talks about her "Born to Die" music video: