September 21, 2017


Watch Kesha Get Cozy With Macklemore in Their 'Good Old Days' Music Video

In Macklemore and Kesha's music video for their nostalgia-inducing "Good Old Days" collaboration, the duo cozies up multiple times: on a hammock, then while playing a piano and again beside a campfire. 

They exchange contagious smiles throughout the video, with the smiles pairing nicely with such lyrics as: 

All the love you won't forget
nd all these reckless nights you won't regret
Someday soon your whole life's gonna change
You'll miss the magic of these good old days

Now, watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis discuss being perfectionists in this 2012 Fuse interview about their GRAMMY-winning "Thrift Shop" as well as Mack's former drug addition and his road to sobriety: