July 21, 2017


Tyler, the Creator's 'Flower Boy': The 17 Most Honest Lyrics

Scott Dudelson/WireImage
Scott Dudelson/WireImage

Tyler, the Creator's long-awaited fourth LP, Flower Boy, just dropped and needless to say, it's full of smooth, goofy heat. Besides addictive hooks, killer guest features and whirring beats, Tyler mulls over sexuality, loneliness and the never-ending search for fulfillment. Below, find the best, most insightful and raw lyrics from the album. 

From "Where This Flower Blooms"
Tell these Black kids they could be who they are
Dye your hair blue, shit, I'll do it too
Look, I smell like Chanel

From "See You Again"
Any time I count sheep
That's the only way we make up
You exist behind my eyelids, my eyelids
I don't wanna wake up

From "See You Again"
Cupid hit me, cupid hit me with precision, eye
Wonder if you look both ways
When you cross my mind

From "Who Dat Boy"
Fuck global warming, my neck is so frío
I'm currently lookin' for '95 Leo
My mom say she worried because I'm so ill
I should stay in bed, but got too much bread
To make, she said watch my weight
So I stayed home and start eatin' some meals

From "Pothole"
Don't get it twisted, nigga, I'm still hungry, oh he lonely
All my friends talk about their hoes and tenderonies
But all I can show 'em is a couple cars and more things
That I've made in the couple past month, he's on, please

From "Pothole"
Everyone is a sheep, me, a lone wolf
Nobody gon' make a peep 'cause everyone wants some wool
Since everyone is a sheep, not everyone here is cool
Man I'd rather drown in a pool by myself than fuck with their fleece

From "Pothole"
I just want that garden and that Batmobile
Good health, success, time on earth worthwhile
Find somebody who love me and raise a couple of lizards
But my vehicle's good for now, that's in a couple of miles

From "Garden Shed"
Ain't no reason to pretend
Garden shed, garden shed, garden shed
Garden shed for the garçons
Them feelings that I was guardin'
Heavy on my mind

From "Garden Shed"
Truth is, since a youth kid, thought it was a phase
Thought it'd be like the phrase; "poof," gone
But, it's still goin' on

From "Boredom"
Cellular not amusing and I hope someone will
Message me with some plans that are amusing as well
Cause I haven’t seen the exit of these walls since before this morning

From "Boredom"
My friends suck, fuck 'em, I'm over 'em
"Hi y'all, y'all ain't hit me all day
What the fuck is the problem? Is it me?
'Cause I'm not solved, I'm... bored."

From "I Ain't Got Time!"
Been the man with a pickle plan, niggas know the deal
When I sell the carnival, I bet I get a 100 mil'
Next line will have 'em like "Woah"
I've been kissing white boys since 2004

From "911 / Mr Lonely"
I'm the loneliest man alive
But I keep on dancing to throw 'em off
I'm gon' run out of moves 'cause I can't groove to the blues
If you know any DJs, tell 'em to call me at 911

From "911 / Mr. Lonely"
They say the loudest in the room is weak
That's what they assume, but I disagree
I say the loudest in the room
Is prolly the loneliest one in the room (that's me)

From "911 / Mr. Lonely"
Purchase some things until I'm annoyed
These items is fillin' the void
Been fillin' it for so long
I don't even know if it's shit I enjoy

From "Glitter"
You light my firework, I feel like glitter
And every time you come around, I feel like glitter
You're the one that I needed in my life
You're the one that I need to give my time

From "November"
What if my music too weird for the masses?
And I'm only known for tweets more than beats or
All my day ones turn to three, fours 'cause of track seven

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