July 20, 2017


Watch Nine Inch Nails Debut Somber David Bowie Cover At First Show in Three Years

Nine Inch Nails gave Bakersfield, Calif. a memorable show on Wednesday night, which marked the band's first concert in three years. Trent Reznor decided to pay homage to the late David Bowie with a cover of Blackstar cut “I Can’t Give Everything Away.”

Reznor told the audience he was working on a version of the song with his late friend, whom he and fellow band members referred to as "a hero of all of ours." "We were in the studio kind of messing around and when [the news of Bowie's death] hit, it felt like we needed to do something...to process it in some way," he explained. "So we worked a song of his that gave us some sort of closure. We didn't release it, but we will play it for you now tonight."

The end result is a haunting and melodic rendition that holds just as much emotion as Bowie's original, more comforting version. Along with the cover, Nine Inch Nails also live-debuted new tracks songs like “Branches / Bones,” “Less Than,” and “The Lovers" (per setlist.fm). The guys are readying the release of their latest ADD VIOLENCE EP, which features the dance-ready "Less Than" and the piano-laden "This Isn't the Place."

Look out for the second installment of Nine Inch Nails' music trilogy tomorrow (July 21). Next, watch Charli XCXMajor Lazer and more reveal their all-time favorite David Bowie songs at BRIT Awards 2016: