July 5, 2017


Corey Taylor Won't Do 'Anything Slipknot Related for at Least 2 Years'

Vladimir Artev/Epsilon/Getty Images
Vladimir Artev/Epsilon/Getty Images

Stone Sour just came back with Hydrograd after more than four years away, but that doesn't mean Corey Taylor's kicking back into Slipknot mode. "There's no rush," he tells Rolling Stone in an hourlong talk where he "says 'shit' 37 times and 'fuck' 131 times," per the mag's count. "I'm not looking to do anything Slipknot related for at least two years." 

The full, deep interview is definitely worth a read, but here's more of the 43-year-old frontman/prolific commentator's rationale:

"That's the reason why people get so fucking excited when we come back. You give people a chance to miss us. I think that's a lost art. There's so many artists that think they just need to fucking stack albums on top of each other, because they're afraid the audience is gonna go away. Fuckin' let 'em! And then give them a reason to come back. I'm not worried about it. And if I was, I'd be in the wrong business."

In June 2015 Taylor said "in a couple of years, we'll get back together and see what happens again." In November '16 he tweeted that the band wouldn't go in the studio for two years. That same month, percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan said he and guitarist Jim Root planned to start writing together in February '17 in a new way. "We want to spend the next year or so diving into the ability to write songs," he said, "and explore what we are to the world as musicians and songwriters."

Taylor told RS that Stone Sour in the past have tried to squeeze work in between Slipknot's commitments, leading them to "walk away from albums and put them out without finishing them. This time we decided to get it to the point where it's so badass people can't fucking ignore it anymore."

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