June 5, 2017


Nine Inch Nails Reveal EP Trilogy

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images
Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

If you ordered vinyl from Nine Inch Nails' website recently, you might still be waiting for it, but here's some intel as consolation. "Did you know there’s a new top-secret Nine Inch Nails EP that will be released before the first shows we do this summer?" frontman Trent Reznor writes in an apology email. "Did you know Not the Actual Events was the first part of a trilogy of related EPs that will be released about 6-8 months apart? Now you do. More information on this shortly.”

NIN's next gig is July 23, so we should be hearing something new soon. 

The Not the Actual Events EP dropped in December with one week's notice. In March, folks started sharing photos of their special edition physical copies, which came with an envelope full of an ashy black substance.

Nine Inch Nails' deluxe reissue of 1999's The Fragile is currently estimated for release later this month. It's a 150-minute, four-disc vinyl version officially titled The Fragile: Deviations 1.