June 23, 2017


Halsey Apologizes After Calling Iggy Azalea a 'F-cking Moron' & Defending Quavo

JB Lacroix/WireImage
JB Lacroix/WireImage

Halsey has found herself in boiling hot water once again (honestly, what else is new?) when the singer received backlash following her comments supporting Migos' Quavo and calling Iggy Azalea a "fucking moron."

“And there’s a lot of people I wouldn’t put on my record. Iggy Azalea: absolutely not," Halsey (who barely acknowledges her black side) told The Guardian in an interview. "She had a complete disregard for black culture. Fucking moron. I watched her career dissolve and it fascinated me.” When asked why she included Quavo, whose recent comments about ILoveMakonnen's homosexuality was a complete opposition to Halsey's bisexuality, on her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album, she said that he may not be able to explain himself in the best way.

“I think he’s misunderstood. Just because I choose to be a socially conscious artist, and I’m pretty good at it, that doesn’t mean every artist is going to be equipped to be politically correct," Halsey states. "I don’t think he’s inherently homophobic, I think he’s in a tough place of trying to explain what he means. I agree his apology was bullshit but I can’t police everybody.”

While the star's diss about Azalea didn't catch a lot of steam, it was her defense of the Atlanta rapper that ended up in a #HalseyIsOverParty trending topic on Twitter last night. She later apologizes for her remarks, tweeting:

"Honestly? I didn't know that Quavo had made homophobic comments when I collaborated him. We've never spoken a word to each other and + I have no intention of pursuing a friendship there, unless he wants to make a legitimate apology. I work tirelessly to represent & support marginalized communities I love & am a part of. I'm sorry if my actions have ever seemed otherwise."

Click here for the full Guardian interview, where she also discusses dating a heroin addict at age 17 and how she copes with anxiety. In other news, Halsey's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last week (Katy Perry's Witness currently holds the top spot). The feat made her the first woman of 2017 to top the charts.