June 5, 2017


Governors Ball 2017: Gryffin Talks 'Feel Good' Single With Daya & Best Festival Moments

Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Governors Ball
Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Governors Ball

Gryffin wrapped up what was a wild (and rainy) Governors Ball 2017 weekend on Sunday afternoon, where he ruled the Honda stage with an electrifying performance. The weather didn't stop the fun, as the electronic producer headed to the CASA BACARDÍ stage for a surprise DJ set that included his new collaboration with Kygo.

While downing some cocktails, I caught up with Gryffin after his performance to discuss "Feel Good"—his lead single featuring Daya—his festival essentials and what he plans to do to maintain his longevity in an fast-paced industry. Read on for the interview below!

FUSE: You have some killer remixes with various artists from Sigrid to Tove Lo. How do you go about finding the perfect song you’d like to give your own spin to?
Gryffin: I don’t typically like to do too many acts that are super pop, I’m more influenced by the indie side of things. But really it’s about the vocals and if I feel that it has a really good emotion that I can dig into. If it speaks to me on that level then I’m down to remix it. I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is but I look at the artist’s aesthetic as well, and where they are in their career. If I’m inspired by them, I’ll want to remix their songs.

You just got off the Honda and Casa Bacardi stages here at Gov Ball. How did it feel playing in this city?
I actually grew up in San Francisco but I was living in New York when I started this project. I do have this really special connection to this city, it’s where everything started happening for me. So to play Gov Ball…it’s one of those festivals that you always dream about when you’re trying to make it in music. So to come here and do it for the first time in my career is such an honor and means so much. It was a lot of fun.

So what are some of your must-have festival essentials?
Well I always like tequila on the rider for after the show and you need water! I’m actually a big Emergen-C guy, because I don’t wanna get sick so I load up on the immune system. Gotta have the phone, and then the instruments obviously.

Zach Hilty/BFA.com
Zach Hilty/BFA.com

Do you have any turn up tracks to get you motivated before a show?
I feel like it always changes for me actually. Sometimes I’ll listen to rock music to get into a pumped up mood. But I’ve been listening to a lot more urban stuff actually. But it depends, just anything that gets me into an uplifting and fun move.

Do you recall any wild or WTF festival or concert moments that’s happened to you?
In terms of crowd moments, when I did Coachella earlier this year that was the most insane show I ever done in my life. There was like 25,000-30,000 people. One of my favorite moments of this season was I got to bring Khalid out for that set, which was a huge highlight for me.

You recently dropped your new “Feel Good” single. How did you link up with Daya for it?
It started late last summer. I got this demo from Toby Gad, one of the writers on the track. He’s been a fan of my music so he was like, “Hey, I got this idea that I’ve done with Grace…or Daya.” It was just a piano and her voice and I was immediately like, “Woah, this is incredible! You need to give me this opportunity.” “Hide Away” was such a jam and when she did her thing with The Chainsmokers…she’s just killing it. I was so pumped to do it. I was finishing up my tour at the time and I had a show in Colorado with Illenium who’s the other producer on the record and lives there. I sent it to him like “What do you think” and he said “Absolutely! Come over to my house.” I went there the next day and we started working on it. I passed it on to Daya, she loved it and we finished recording it in Studio City in LA. It was an awesome experience. Daya is honestly one of my favorite people in the industry and I wish nothing but the best for her, and I’m really happy with how the track came out.

Is it a standalone single or is it going to be part of your debut album?
It’s a standalone but it’s part of a debut EP. So I’m working on an EP that’s going to come out this summer which has a bunch of new tracks that I’m excited about.

Can you tell me any of the collaborations?
I can’t say that yet, I really wish I could! I just finished this Kygo remix that I’m really pumped on; I actually played it at Casa Bacardi today.

Ah man! So who would be some of your dream collaborations?
I would love to work with Florence Welch, she has the coolest voice ever. I’d want to work with Khalid too. They’re both really high up there for me.

There have been so many electronic DJs and producers who have come and gone in the industry. How do you plan to maintain your longevity in music?
I’ve kind of got a mission statement for my music, where I just want it to be always emotional but very uplifting. It puts you in that mood where you can do anything, yet keeping it very melodic and chill at the same time. I think it’s about staying true to that vibe but also being aware of the way music shifts. You don’t want to hop on the trend. You want to keep the integrity of your music intact. Just always evolve it and make sure you’re growing as a producer and not doing the same thing over and over again.

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