June 23, 2017


Who Has the Best Feature on DJ Khaled's 'Grateful' Album? (We Ranked Them For You)

Sony Music Entertainment
Sony Music Entertainment

DJ Khaled's 10th studio album Grateful has now arrived, and it is packed with a very overwhelming 23 (!!) tracks. Due to the onslaught of repeated guest artists (Future alone has five appearances) and large amount of lackluster songs, it can be hard to find which one is worth listening to. So we decided to cherry-pick the 10 best features on Grateful that are immediate standouts, from Beyoncé to Pusha T. Get to clicking through the ranked list!

#1Beyoncé ("Shining")

I'm still not the biggest fan of "Shining" (mainly because of Jay Z's unmemorable verse), but luckily his wife helps to save the track. Beyoncé uses her deep, gritty vocals to casually talk her ish, from how she has the best nana to her immaculate curves.

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