June 29, 2017


'Cult of Chucky' Trailer: The Child's Play Never Ends

CHUCKYYYY! America's favorite murder doll is back this October for Cult of Chucky, the seventh film in the Child's Play franchise, which launched in 1988. Cult follows Chucky's Bride, Seed and Curse. The first trailer (#redband!) sees the redheaded devil being used as a group therapy tool by a sillyhead who wants to convince everyone they're delusional about the gruesome deaths of years past.

Oh: and maybe there's more than one of him now.

Horror is the genre where even terrible movies can have phenomenal trailers, which makes it weird that this one's disjointed and dissatisfying, with not nearly enough of our chap Charles. But hey, at least the stakes for your wallet are low, as you can watch Cult of Chucky at home right off the bat on Oct. 3.

Don Mancini, who has written every Child's Play script, is back for his third consecutive entry as director. (He also wrote and produced on the Hannibal TV series.) The character of Andy Barclay is back after featuring in the first three and '13's Curse, and he won't be the only familiar face.

Watch actor/filmmaker Rider Strong (Cabin Fever, Girl/Boy Meets World) break down his five favorite horror movies for Fuse: