May 18, 2017


Lil Wayne & T-Pain Drop Mythical 'T-Wayne' Project

Since "better late than never" is infinitely applicable when it comes to late-2000s Lil WayneT-Pain has said screw it and given us T-Wayne, an eight-song, lonnnng-teased collaboration from the vault. If you can remember when a rapper-turned-singer was novel enough to give T-Pain's debut album its title, rather than being the default for every 20-year-old Soundcloud spitter, try to tap back into that headspace and envision how crazy this record would've been to hear eight years ago. (Including how whatever it might've seemed for the godawful institution that is "no homo" to show up within the first minute.)

T-Wayne runs a little under a half-hour, and you should know up front that "Breathe" is the original Bangladesh beat that Nicki Minaj went on to make famous with "Did It On 'Em" on her debut album Pink Friday. And the last track, "Heavy Chevy," is a superbeast. Press play above. 

On Instagram on Wednesday, T-Pain teased the release with the cover art and the caption, "I'm feelin reeeeeaaaaalll spontaneous right now #2009 #TheMissingPageInTheHistoryBook." Once T-Wayne dropped, he hit Twitter to tell everyone to thank Noisey's Kyle Kramer "for makin that happen" and said, "This ain't for y'all new n---as. These the lost files from '09 and I'm tired of em just sittin on my hard drive. #FreeC5 #tbt #ForTheCulture."

Keep that rap nostalgia flowing with this 2006 T-Pain interview about the origins of "I'm 'n Luv (Wit a Stripper)":