May 3, 2017


Pete Wentz Says Jaden Smith Could Be 'The Next Nirvana'

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Jaden Smith could be our new Nirvana...well according to Pete Wentz! The Fall Out Boy bassist explained his reasoning to NME, highlighting how hip-hop's impact among the younger generation is just as grand as rock n' roll.

“I think it is on the back-burner. Over here in the US, hip-hop is super exciting for kids," Wentz said about the popularity of modern rock music. "I’ll be looking at my Snapchat on Coachella and that is rock n’ roll right now – it’s hip hop. I think that if rock music wants to be culturally relevant on a mass level you have to be open to updating it and changing it and making it a little weird. If you don’t it becomes quaint. That’s not what we’ve ever really been into.”

He continued,

“The interesting thing is that when I talk to like my rock friends, they’re like, ‘The next Nirvana is coming, the next Nirvana is coming’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, but the next Nirvana probably is coming, but not in the form of Nirvana. It might be like Jaden Smith or, I dunno. The reason Nirvana was a genre-killer is that it was a wave that came from nowhere. Looking for something that sounds like that is not gonna work.”

Wentz may think Smith can come for Nirvana's throne, but the rapper actually seems to have plans to take over the K-pop world! Click here to see his NME interview in full, where he also discusses the rise of grime and how Americans can be so hard-headed when it comes to learning about other cultures.

Fall Out Boy are currently promoting their upcoming seventh album Mania, the follow-up to 2015's American Beauty/American Psycho. It is set to arrive on September 15. The guys dropped the lead single "Young and Menace" along with North American tour dates last week. Next, get into the #TBT spirit with a classic interview with the band from 2007: