May 25, 2017


Brighten Your Day by Watching Pete Wentz & Patrick Stump Play With a Ton of Puppies

Did your week need a pick me up? Would watching Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump answer great fan questions while playing with a batch of adorable puppies make it better? OK, great.

BuzzFeed held an awesome interview with the Fall Out Boy members to ask about the group's new album and sound, fashion regrets from the early 2000s, the songs they're most proud of writing, what their time on One Tree Hill was like and many more. Well, it was mostly awesome...we can't blame the guys for being insanely distracted by all the adorable baby animals running around them while they attempted to give some semblance of an answer.

Most recently, FOB released their new single "Young and Menace," which they say in the puppy interview does not represent the overall sound of their upcoming Mania album.

Keep the good-time Fall Out Boy interviews going with a classic #TBT Fuse segment where we visited the guys' hometown: