April 18, 2017


Lana Del Rey Sings New Song in the Woods After Coachella

David Wolff - Patrick
David Wolff - Patrick

"I'm not gonna lie," Lana Del Rey wrote on Instagram Monday night. "I had complex feelings about spending the weekend dancing whilst watching tensions w North Korea mount."

The weekend in question was Coachella, where LDR was in attendance but not performing. The clip, which has been watched more than 1.1 million times in 14 hours, features our Honeymoon heroine in the quiet woods, singing a bit of a new song, accompanied only by birds:

The tune, which we guess could appear on the singer's upcoming album Lust for Life, goes:

I'd trade it all for a stairway to heaven
I'd take my time as I climb up to the top of it
I'd trade the fame and the fortune and the fucking legend
I'd give it all away if you'd just give me one day to answer one question

In the caption, LDR says she was moved on her way home from Coachella to visit "an old favorite place of mine at the rim of the world highway where I took a moment to sit down by the sequoia grove and write a little song." She shared it hoping "one individual's hope and prayer for peace might contribute to the possibility of it in the long run."

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