December 21, 2016


Niall Horan Says Solo Album Will Have 'Folk-With-Pop Feel to It'

Timothy Hiatt/WireImage
Timothy Hiatt/WireImage

It's already been almost three months since One Direction alum "Niall Horan dropped his first solo song, "This Town," and today we're getting some album details. First off: the 23-year-old told Entertainment Weekly the record will feature a “folk-with-pop feel to it, inspired by old-school acts like Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. Horan said he tends to "naturally play chords like that, and finger pick a lot, and play that folky kind of style."

That said, don't expect all acoustic strumming on the album, targeted for summer 2017. “Some of the songs are heavier than others," Horan says, adding that he plays "a bit of electric." Taking the full spotlight as a vocalist was the trickiest part of it all. "The biggest challenge of making the album was making sure I could sing for that long. I did write the songs in my key so I didn’t try to make it too difficult for myself.”

Horan was recently quoted saying One Direction's hiatus won't last forever. "We will be back. We would be silly not to...ridiculous," he said.

Check out Niall's lyric video for "This Town," featuring 1,800 drawings, right here.