November 23, 2016


Watch Halsey, Brandon Flowers, Channing Tatum & Tons More Sing a Song for a Good Cause

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a bevy of stars came together to form a supergroup known as The (RED) Pack, a reference to the HIV/AIDS-fighting organization (RED). Bringing the grand piano-aided, awareness-raising song and dance were DJ KhaledHalseyThe Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, Kristen Bell, Channing Tatum, Neil Patrick Harris, Julia Roberts and one of (RED)'s biggest spokespeople, Bono.

The quite Christmas-y song gets its title, "We're Going to Hell," from the stars owning up to their privileges and lavish lifestyles and concluding, "but if we don't help people with AIDS, we're goin' to Hell." Bono shows up as Satan to ram the point home.

Another highlight is definitely the moment when Tatum and NPH do some tap-dancing...on a rug.

Why not watch an old school interview with Brandon Flowers next, little buddy?