October 24, 2016


Tool's Danny Carey Diagnosed With Staph infection, Still Plays Aftershock Festival

The show must go on...even if you're dealing with a serious health problem! Tool drummer Danny Carey proved he was the ultimate trooper over the weekend, when he played Sacramento’s Aftershock Festival just hours after he was diagnosed with a staph infection.

As pointed out by Consequence of Sound, Tool guitarist Adam Jones revealed the wild story on Instagram. He wrote:

“I truly have to respect Mr. Danny Carey who played the entire show with a very serious Staph Infection. At first on Friday morning, he was misdiagnosed with a poisonous spider bite on his upper leg. Then later Friday night the quarter sized wound was cut opened & drained. By Saturday [Carey] was still aching from head to toe & from what I heard the Local Doctor recommended we skip the show. But Dan with headaches & painful joints played anyway.”

Carey dismissing his doctor's orders to give his diehard fans a proper show is a badass move, but we do hope he's doing well now. Check out some footage from Tool's Aftershock Festival set below: