October 11, 2016


Nas Speaks on Police Brutality, Donald Trump on New Robin Thicke Song 'Deep'

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Robin Thicke makes his return to the music industry with a very good, rather catchy R&B-pop tune, but Nas' powerful verses will likely outshine the "Blurred Lines" star.

"Deep" (produced by Rich Skillz) opens with an a cappella performance from the Illmatic MC spitting about police brutality, calling America "a modern 1973 Johannesburg," continuing with, "And they ask me, 'Why you ain't smilin' Nas?' / Cause I have a son and I die inside when I gotta tell him what was told to me / Can't play with your water gun son 'cause the police see / A 7-year-old as a threat."

Later, Nas shares his thoughts on the election for the bridge. He makes a not so subtle dig at Donald Trump, saying "a toupee-wearin' liar's tryna run the U.S.A" while offering hope in a post–Madam President world, adding to a woman he's fighting, "World's startin' to change and you actin' the same / 'Cause you don't even see what I see in you / Next female president could even be you." Stream Nas and Robin Thicke's "Deep" below:

There is a bit of disconnect between Thicke's sensual coos of trying to reconcile with an upset lover and Nas' timely verses, but the ultimate message of coming together for the sake of peace and harmony ties the different sections together.

No word on whether this song indicates a new album from Thicke (he put it up on his Soundcloud, but it's currently not available on other streaming or digital platform), but it's a nice move for the dude who's struggled to scrub his image clean following the backlash from "Blurred Lines" and the misguided Paula album.

Watch below as Nas breaks down the making of his groundbreaking debut album in this classic interview: