October 21, 2016


Fan-Made 'Pokémon Sun' & 'Moon' Ad Takes Nostalgia to Beautiful New Heights

Remember those blissful days when you would stay up extra late on a school night to play Pokémon on your Game Boy Color? Well filmmaker John Wikstrom does too, and he created his own Pokémon Sun and Moon commercial to relive that nostalgia. The fan-made clip only runs for just over a minute, but it's long enough to hit you with all the feels. 

It opens with a young boy playing Pokémon Red. (Can you believe it was released 20 years ago?!) He shows off his impressive card collection and watches Charmander evolve way after bedtime. In the blink of an eye—literally—the kid is now an adult in the corporate world just like many of us gamers. He passes by posters promoting Sun and Moon, and smiles as he remembers his catch-'em-all childhood.

Pokémon Sun and Moonwhich feature new starter additions, will be available on Nov. 18 in the U.S. only on Nintendo 3DS. There is also a live-action Pokémon movie in the works, with the script penned by Guardians of the Galaxy's Nicole Perlman and Gravity Falls' Alex Hirsch.

Below, watch rapper Chris Webby discuss his love for nostalgic video games at New York Comic Con: