September 29, 2016


FLETCHER Wants to ‘Break Through The Clutter’: Pop Singer Discusses Debut EP

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

FLETCHER understands that it’s difficult for new pop artists to establish a foundation of supporters without a presence at radio; the singer-songwriter has yet to grace the Hot 100 chart or develop a stronghold at Top 40, yet her debut EP, Finding FLETCHER, is coming on Friday with noticeable momentum thanks to her dominance on one ubiquitous streaming channel.

Since her single “War Paint” arrived on Spotify in 2015, FLETCHER (yup, all caps when you spell her name) has amassed nearly 50 million streams on the platform between a whopping five songs available. With 600,000 monthly listens and appearances on popular Spotify playlists like Fresh & Chill and Teen Pop!, FLETCHER knows how pivotal the company has been in launching her career.

“The model for independent artists has significantly changed over the last 10 years,” FLETCHER tells Fuse. “Starting with finding music on MySpace and moving to Soundcloud and YouTube artists, and now we’re entering this era of streaming, it’s really opened the door for the bedroom-style artists to create whatever you want on your own, release it through all these digital platforms and get your music out there without the help of a major label. It’s hard when you have a good project and are trying to break through the clutter, but I’ve been really lucky to have Spotify rally behind me with this project. It’s a major part of the reason why I’ve found success.”

The Asbury Park native hopes to continue the winning streak with Finding FLETCHER, which will include “War Paint” as well as her most recent release, the contemplative “Wasted Youth.” After establishing her sound with the tracks “War Paint,” “Live Young Die Free” and “Avalanche,” FLETCHER opted to slow down the tempo with “Wasted Youth” in August, and says that the rest of the EP follows suit.

“‘War Paint,’ ‘Live Young Die Free’ and ‘Avalanche’ have this really bright pop aesthetic,” she explains. “‘Wasted Youth’ marks what the next three songs on the EP are like. It’s moodier, more intimate, more on the alternative side of the spectrum. It’s going to be a really nice balance between songs, because it’s almost like the two sides of me.”

After spending a year and a half at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute, FLETCHER took a yearlong leave of absence, headed to Nashville and linked up with producer/songwriter Jamie Kenney to create the songs that form her debut EP. She calls the trip to Nashville and subsequent return to school to finish college “a self-discovery process,” and is excited that, two years after these songs congealed, they are being unveiled to the world.

“The plan is to push the EP and get it as much out there as I can for the rest of the year,” FLETCHER notes. There are also some “exciting collaborations” in the works, and a live show slowly coming together, presumably for a 2017 tour. “It’s been frustrating at times, but nothing happens overnight,” she says. “Now, it’s finally time to release these songs that I’ve been so passionate about for the past two years.”

Listen to “War Paint” below: