September 26, 2016


Is Daft Punk Touring Next Year?

Kevin Winter/WireImage
Kevin Winter/WireImage

2017 could be the year of the Daft Punk comeback... at least, according to a Reddit user. As NME pointed out, speculation about the electronic duo returning for a tour increased when KosherAthiest discovered a page on the Lollapalooza festival website that features a Daft Punk tag.

The page is currently blank but was reportedly built in February, thus creating the rumor that Daft Punk is booked to play the festival next year. This comes after the reports the two robots are headlining Glastonbury two decades after their sole performance.

While it's not confirmed, the speculation does make sense. Touring in 2017 will follow Daft Punk's trend of touring every 10 years, with their previous ones in 2007 and 1997. Their last appearance was on stage at the 2014 Grammys, and the guys just teamed up with The Weeknd for his "Starboy" single.

As we wait to see if these rumors are true or not, check out ways to make a Daft Punk helmet for Halloween.