August 9, 2016


Watch Luke Cage Take Over Harlem in New Netflix Trailer

Marvel dropped the first trailer for Netflix's Luke Cage last month, but their latest one is filled with even more action. For those unfamiliar with the comic superhero's background, this gives a deeper insight to the Harlemite's story.

As soulful strings play in the background, we get introduced to Claire Temple (played by Rosario Dawson) who is a night shift nurse that healed the wounds of both Daredevil and Cage. Cottonmouth, a drug lord and Cage's archnemesis, also appears in the trailer.

Luke Cage, which follows the crime fighter's return to Harlem after last year's Jessica Jones, arrives on Netflix September 30. As we wait in anticipation, watch our 2015 chat with cosplayers at New York Comic-Con below: