August 16, 2016


Christina Aguilera's 'Back to Basics' Anniversary: Ranking Every Song, 10 Years Later


To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the release of Christina Aguilera's third studio album, Fuse brings you Remember the Record: Back to Basics at 10, with a whole week dedicated to the chart-topping release. Stay tuned for Back to Basics fun all week long, and share your memories with us! Start it off with an essay reminding you why the LP was a true risk for an evolving Xtina.

Along with being impeccably talented, Christina Aguilera is one of pop's most exciting divas because she has never been afraid of evolution. In 2006, the singer transformed from the dirrty and explicit seductress we recognized from her Stripped album to a glamorous vintage starlet—thanks to the release of Back to Basics. The double-disc LP pushed boundaries for Christina (and the rest of the music world), as she paid homage to throwback soul and jazz with a refreshing modern spin. 

So in honor of the 10th anniversary of Back to Basics, get into our personal ranking of every song on the album!

#1"Enter the Circus"

Jeff: Sure, this is technically just Linda Perry doing her best ringleader impression with a creepy carnival chorus backing her, but it really opens the Disc 2 experience of Back to Basics on the right note. You're automatically thrown into this vintage world, and despite the vibe feeling random to fans, I think it's a gem in its own way. (Pro tip: This song goes great on any Halloween soundtrack.) Rating: 9/10

Bianca: 5/10
Mark: 3/10

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