August 26, 2016


Taking Back Sunday Singer: ‘I’ve Never Considered Us an Emo Band’

Mike Pont/Getty Images
Mike Pont/Getty Images

Regardless of how well Taking Back Sunday’s upcoming album will perform, it’s safe to say that the band’s legacy is fairly secure within the emo realm. But then again… was TBS ever really emo? Not in the eyes of frontman Adam Lazzara.

In a new GQ profile, the leader of the long-running group gently rails against Taking Back Sunday’s most well-worn genre tag:

“I've never considered us an emo band. I understand it's a lot of the scene we came from. But I consider us a rock and roll band. Loud guitars, big drums. It gets frustrating sometimes because then it's putting it in this little box that can be contained and I think we're more than that. Honestly, if people are listening, who cares?”

Fair enough! Taking Back Sunday’s new album, Tidal Wave, comes out Sept. 16. To prepare, watch this throwback chat with the guys, where they discuss a Tom DeLonge collabo: