July 4, 2016


Lil B Lifts Curse as Kevin Durant Joins Golden State

Roger Kisby/Getty Images
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Lil B’s alter ego, The BasedGod, has withdrawn the curse placed on NBA star Kevin Durant back in 2011. Durant drew The BasedGod’s mystical condemnation for insulting Lil B’s rapping. The BasedGod responded by declaring that Durant would never win an NBA championship—unless he challenged the rapper to a game of 21. 

This morning, as it was announced that Durant had signed with the Golden State Warriors, Lil B proclaimed that “the curse is lifted.” Lil B has a history of placing curses on other NBA players—the Bay area rapper even has a segment on ESPN titled “Cursed or Not Cursed?”

Regarding Durant’s move, Lil B told CBS Sports

"A player can shows their heart with their actions. Kevin Durant didn't really need to say anything, he showed with his actions that he wants to be a Warrior. He is a warrior. He's coming to Oakland, California! So the BasedGod seen Durant's heart and earnestness and said it was only right for the curse to be lifted."

As deep-seated as The BasedGod’s grudge was, it seems he wants Golden State to win more than anything else. As Lil B told CBS Sports, he’s looking beyond personal feuds and wants to “focus on winning another championship.”