July 19, 2016


Justin Bieber's New Merch Includes a $200 Marilyn Manson Shirt

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Justin Bieber knows ~fashun~, OK? The "Company" singer teamed up with Barneys to release a special line of Purpose Tour merch that's a little more high-end than the stuff he's been peddling on the road.

Purpose Tour XO Barneys New York, launched on Monday to coincide with Bieber's Madison Square Garden show, includes 31 unisex pieces ranging from $95 to $1,675.

Among the collection is a shirt that reads "I Don't Do Photos," a clear reference to Bieber's stance against meeting with fans on the street. Earlier this year, he canceled meet-and-greets due to exhaustion.

Another item is a Marilyn Manson shirt. Like, a shirt with Marilyn Manson's face. No Justin Bieber face. Just a Marilyn Manson face. On the back it reads, "Bigger than Satan. Bieber."

That baby retails at $195, so you better start saving. Or you can just snag a vintage Manson tee off eBay. Then again, if you want the real Bieber-branded version, you mustn't wait too long...