July 25, 2016


Watch Imagine Dragons, Usher, Sheryl Crow & More Sing 'Don't Use Our Song' to Politicians

If you have the gift of creating music, you must know that people are going to interpret that music any way they like. And that's exactly what Donald Trump did at the Republican National Convention last week, when he made entrances to songs by Queen and The Rolling Stones (both bands denied that Trump asked for permission to walk out to their ditties and denounced Trump's use of the song).

But it's not just Trump who has been using artist's songs without permission during campaign season. Cyndi Lauper has had to speak out against "True Colors" being used by the Democratic Party in 2012. Heart had to call out Sarah Palin for using "Barracuda." And poor John Mellencamp just doesn't want anything to do with John McCain, George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

On Sunday's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the boisterous British host explained the debacle, then gathered a crew of legendary musicians to create a new song to fight off those pesky politicians who fail to understand the point of a song.

Watch above as Lauper, Heart, Mellencamp, UsherSheryl CrowImagine Dragons and Josh Groban sing "Don't Use Our Song." Maybe the Democratic National Convention this week won't feature any song mishaps?

As we await the shenanigans at the at the DNC (where Lady Gaga and Lenny Kravitz will perform), take a look at our reporting from the Republican National Convention below, where people were still on the fence about Donald Trump: