June 24, 2016


'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey is Making Music With All Time Low

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Teen Wolf heartthrob Tyler Posey is a well-documented pop-punk fan. He's performed with State Champs, he's worked on a film with former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge, he's a very vocal Bayside fan...the list goes on and on.

In a recent interview with Billboard at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, Posey revealed that he's taking this pop-punk passion and turning it into, well, pop-punk. That's right, folks: Posey is writing songs... and with none other than Jack Barakat of All Time Low.

Posey told Billboard:

"It’s about to get big. The collaborators are big, and my music career is about to take off. It’s so early in the works, but Jack from All Time Low, he and I have become really good friends over the past year, and just recently we talked about producing something with each other and writing music with each other. So we’re about to do something really big and, hopefully, do a collab with a bunch of other punk guys. It’s all punk. My whole life is punk. That’s all I want to do is be performing punk onstage, so it’s going to happen. Within the next year, I guarantee you.”

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