June 8, 2016


Questlove Reviewed and Ranked Prince's Entire Warner Brothers Catalog

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Prince's discography is immense, and while many a record nerd can parse through it with a great amount of knowledge, Questlove is certainly no different. So in honor of The Purple One's birthday on Tuesday, The Roots' drummer reviewed and ranked every Prince record released by Warner Brothers from 1978 to 1997, because why not? 

From Controversy to Sign O The Times, Quest takes a thoughtful dive into the context and content of Prince's prolific catalogue. Check out all the reviews here, via OkayPlayer. 

Questlove has been something of a serial eulogizer after Prince suddenly passed earlier this year. In April, he wrote an essay for Rolling Stone about remembering Prince, and introduced Madonna and Stevie Wonder's tribute performance at the Billboard Music Awards in May. But perhaps most importantly, Quest wrote an exhaustive list of Prince's contributions to hip-hop, calling him a "pioneer" of the genre. 

Watch Questlove tell Fuse about something else he loves—peanut butter and jelly: