June 3, 2016


Mike WiLL Made-It & Rihanna Share 'Nothing's Promised': Listen

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Getty Images

Update: Mike Will Made-it and Rihanna's long awaited collab "Nothing's Promised" is here. Listen to it or download via Apple Music here, and preview it below:

Original Story: Last summer, Mike WiLL Made-It shook up the Navy when he teased a murky collaboration he was working on with Rihanna. At the time, it wasn't clear if the track was meant for the singer's ANTI album or for the producer. But now we have an answer!

Mike WiLL and RiRi's "Nothing's Promised" is the first single from his Ransom 2 mixtape, and based on his recent Instagram post and tweets, the track could possibly drop at midnight (or earlier) on iTunes:

Other than Rihanna, Ransom 2 may include Rae Sremmurd's icy "By Chance" and Gucci Mane (Mike WiLL delayed its release to add the rapper to the project), there's no word of who else will appear.

While we wait for "Nothing's Promised," raise your turn up levels with this Metro Boomin playlist and dig into Rihanna's best deep cuts.