June 25, 2016


Kanye West After ‘Famous’ Video Release: ‘Can Somebody Sue Me Already’

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Last night, Kanye West released his “Famous” music video online as a TIDAL premiere and at a live event in Los Angeles. 

As an artist and celebrity, West has always courted controversy. With the “Famous” clip, he is no less a provocateur than ever. The video portrays some of today’s most notorious personalities—such as Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown and more—all lying next to one another. While West has already stated the the video is “a comment on fame,” he is awaiting some backlash. He tweeted, and deleted, "Can somebody sue me already #I'llwait."

Of the celebrities represented in the music video, Chris Brown has been the only one  so far to respond and he thought it was mostly funny, commenting on his “plumbers butt.” Find West’s brief explanation of the clip here and watch it here

Check out archival Fuse footage of Ye below.