June 6, 2016


Drake, Kylie Jenner & Mark Zuckerberg's Social Accounts Hacked

Update (June 6): No celebrity is safe from cyber attacks this week as Drake, Kylie Jenner and Mark Zuckerberg have also had their accounts broken into.

Drake's Twitter account seems to have been compromised as he suspiciously told followers to follow a random account that was suspended quickly after the tweet (see below). Meanwhile, Jenner went to her so-far-unhacked Snapchat account on Sunday, June 5, to tell followers that her Twitter account was hacked and it was not her spewing lewd messages. As well, Facebook founder Zuckerberg saw his Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts all taken over and defaced with messages.

Engadget reports that a post on Zuckerberg’s Pinterest page credits the hack to a group called OurMine Team. A Twitter account that the hackers were pointing to has since been suspended. These latest hacks follow Twenty One Pilot’s Tyler Joseph, Bon Iver, Tame Impala and Keith Richards, which you can read more about below.

Original Story (June 5): Several artists might consider hiring cybersecurity experts after multiple account breaches this weekend. 

Alternative Press picked up that Twenty One Pilot’s member Tyler Joseph’s Twitter account was hacked. Additionally, as reported by PitchforkBon IverTame Impala and Keith Richards' accounts were similarly compromised. The hackers tweeted a number of inflammatory remarks that included bomb threats and racial slurs.

Complex also point out that Tenacious D’s Twitter profile likewise fell victim to malicious account hijackers, falsely announcing that Jack Black had died. Once Tenacious D secured their account, they reassured fans that Black was not dead and it was a “sick prank.” 

All hacked tweets have since been deleted from their respective timelines.