June 9, 2016


All Time Low to Open Music-Themed L.A. Bar Called The Riff

Andrew Benge/Redferns
Andrew Benge/Redferns

If you're an ultimate All Time Low fan (which we wager you probably are, you are reading this after all), you probably know that co-frontman Jack Barakat owns a bar in ATL's native Baltimore called The Rockwell. It's an emo/pop-punk kinda place (duh) and it looks like the guy is getting ready to expand to his current home of Los Angeles. 

According to Alternative Press, Barakat has partnered with Jon Nichols of Dirty Model Movement to launch The Riff, an LA rock-themed booze palace. It will open June 17.

Jack said of the new space:

"I think the atmosphere is going to be amazing. First of all, it's pretty fucking packed. It's a really big bar, so it's a cool place to throw parties because there's enough room where in one of the rooms, we can have a live acoustic band set-up, so if a band has an album release party, or they have just anything they want to do, any kind of event, there's just so much room. It's going to be music-themed. There are going to be instruments all over the place, and band pictures of your favorite bands from live shows. It's just going to be very music inspired and driven. We kind of want to do what we did with the Rockwell in Baltimore and create a space where you can be yourself with no judgement and just listen to what you want to listen to. It's not to say that it'll only be rock music played there. There's going to be something for everyone. But that's going to be a majority of it."

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