May 31, 2016


Lil Wayne Leads 'F-ck the Birdman' Chant, Announces Two New Albums

The battle between Lil Wayne and Cash Money co-CEO/adoptive father figure Bryan "Birdman" Williams is now too long and exhausting to recount. Still, in its cyclical way, it is getting interesting again. The two appeared on a track called "Hate" in February with Juvenile and Mannie Fresh. Then Birdman said "the world deserves a Carter V" and immediately dropped a song that plenty read as a Weezy diss.

Now, following some renewed beaucoup-bucks lawsuit action and a revivified "fuck Cash Money!" concert cry, Lil Wayne is going in on Birdman explicitly. New concert footage from a May 28 concert in Phoenix (via XXL) shows the 33-year-old rapper leading the crowd in a chant featuring the phrase "fuck the Birdman." Watch it go down early in the video above.

“I’m going through a lot of bullshit right now, these n---as got me in bars right now, they don’t want to see me make good music," Wayne confided. "I don't know what the fuck's going on, but fuck them n---as."

On a more pos-vibes side, he said, "I want y’all to know I got two new albums coming y’all way." Not surprising from a guy who's dropped a solo album, a joint album with 2 Chainz and two mixtapes in the last year and a half. Let's see if they're Tidal only—or if one of 'em's actually the Dedication 6 tape.